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Signr Features

Import documents and easily fill, sign, send and fax any form or document easily and fast with our legally binding signature technology and state of the art PDF annotation features.

Sign Documents Digitally

Electronic signatures are legally binding and admissible in court of law in accordance with the Esign Act in the United States and eIDAS in the European Union

Turn a Picture into a PDF

With our built-in document scanner, just hover over the document and Signr automatically captures the document

Easily Import Documents

Open documents from your email inbox, Google Drive, Dropbox and more options

Fax Any Document

Fax any document right from your phone; it could be imported, signed or scanned.

User Friendly Design

Clean and fresh design that allows you to easily annotate and manage all documents.

Secure banking level encryption

Data and documents are processed using 256 bil SSL encryption technology for the communication channels between your device and the secure services.

Signr lets you fill, sign, send and/or fax any form or document easily and fast. You can easily scan a picture of a paper form or document and fill it in on your phone. Then sign, edit, send or fax with no printing necessary - you can apply multiple forms of PDF annotations to the document as well such as add text, images, your signature and initials.

Common documents to manage and sign with Signr; lease agreements, permission slips, financial agreements, sales contracts, non-disclosure agreements, health care documents and many more!

Key Features: Import documents into the app from Google Drive, Dropbox, phone scan, images (JPEG and PNG), and Word, Excel or PDF documents. Easily import from other apps or email applications by importing using our Share icon.

Once imported, you can easily edit the document by applying a signature, additional text, free form styling and dates or initials. You can then share the documents with other apps or send via email or fax.

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